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Art Recognizes Art

As an automotive enthusiast, I have a profound appreciation for the unique styling and character of both classic and contemporary cars and motorcycles. 

I understand the special relationship between an owner and their vehicle. I know how and why a car can become much more than a hunk of metal that gets you from point A to point B.

The lines, the colours, the interior’s texture, the fine details: I strive to capture all of these in my unique style to create memorable and timeless high-quality photographs you can hang in your home or office to remember a special moment in your life, or help you sell quicker and at a higher price.

Capture the Essence of Your Favourite Ride.

Every drive, every adventure, every memory – all immortalized in pixels.

Rev up your car’s style with stunning, professional-grade photography.

My images are not just photos; they’re works of art, meticulously composed to enhance your living space and elevate your online presence.

Are you ready to share your automotive passion with the world?

Contact me now to schedule your personalized automotive photography session and let your ride shine like never before.

Selling Your Vehicle?

Photo of a green Mini Cooper S automobile, created by Seb Duper.

In today’s competitive market, presentation is key. The first thing potential buyers see is your listing’s photos. Make sure they leave a lasting impression.

Don’t settle for subpar images that fail to showcase the true value of your vehicle.

By investing in professional photos, you’ll gain a distinct advantage in attracting potential buyers and commanding the best price for your prized possession.

My Automotive Portfolio.


Sarah McArdle
Sarah McArdle
I really love my photos wilh Seb! He captured me in a way that highlights my strengths while keeping a natural me!
Cedrik Rumbold
Cedrik Rumbold
Really enjoyed the photos that Seb took! Was able to find some great spots and had solid ideas throughout our time. Excited to work with him again soon.
GDG watch
GDG watch
Seb did a fantastic job for us, we will keep collaborating, he is understanding, has a good eye, fantastic working attitude and very good work ethic, highly recommend.
Eric Beaudoin
Eric Beaudoin
J’ai utilisé les services de Seb en deux occasions pour des photos familiales ainsi que pour rehausser un produit en vente. Seb agit de façon professionnelle, ses photos sont de grande qualité et il est très à l’écoute pour bien évaluer les besoins et accomplir l’objectif visé.
sean N
sean N
Very friendly guys and very talented. I highly recommend him.
Marley Heather Ann
Marley Heather Ann
Seb’s work speaks for itself. On top of being a fantastically talented photographer, he is a very kind friendly person who will make you feel at ease when you interact with him.

Make Your Ride The Star of the Show.

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