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Seb Duper

Luxury product & Lifestyle Photographer


I’m Seb, your go-to photographer for luxury product and lifestyle photography. I’m a natural born creative for whom photography has long been a passion. I fell in love with storytelling at a young age and love to tell stories through my images. I’ve been a professional luxury product and lifestyle photographer for 5 years, and I love what I do.

I have a warm personality and a gregarious demeanor. You’ll always catch me with a smile on my face and a camera in my hand, ready to get started. I value open communication, creativity, and collaboration. I love to meet people who are passionate about what they do, because that passion translates to the images we create.

I am invested in your story and what brought you to this point. I’m here to celebrate you and show you just how amazing you are, through beautifully crafted images. Seeing you get excited creates excitement for me!

When it comes to product photography, I specialize in capturing all the minute details that most people miss. I’m here to showcase everything you have to offer, showing people the unique aspects of what makes you and your product special.
With a keen eye for colour-matching and style, my attention to detail sets me apart from other photographers. I’m a flexible creative who is always open to trying new things and exploring new concepts.

A portrait of Ottawa creative product photographer Seb Duper, by Vera S

At the heart of all I do.

As I was born and raised in Montreal, it’s only natural that passion run through my veins. Although my family and I moved to Ottawa 6 years ago, I seem to frequently get bitten by the travel bug. I enjoy traveling and photographing luxury products and lifestyles all over the world. I appreciate the diversity of my clients and am always willing to cater to your needs and travel to your destination.
I live to see the beauty and uniqueness in everyday products and situations. I enjoy translating that through my lens to create one-of-a-kind images for my clients. I search for the ordinary moments that will pass you by if you’re not looking for them. I treat life like a treasure hunt, because I truly believe there is gold in every moment. As your luxury product and lifestyle photographer, I’m here to capture it.
I love the process of photography and my favorite part of my career is building and maintain strong connections with my clients. I’m not one for ChatGPT, automated responses, or adding you to a generic email list. I thrive on human connection. When you work with me, you always get an authentic, one-of-a-kind, human experience.

I am excited to meet you, to hear about your story, and to learn about your goals and how we can accomplish them together.

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