Magnify Your Brand with Product Photography

If your personal brand is your reputation, then personal branding photography is the use of intentional photos that help you optimise your reputation. Brand photography helps you attract new clients and create a consistent brand image for your audience. As well as creating strong know, like, and trust factors.

When potential clients realize that your visual content demonstrates who you are, what you do, and how you can solve their problems, they are much more likely to see value in doing business with you.

The first thing personal brand photography allows you to do is to create a strong KNOW factor with your clientele.

In order to attract your ideal clients and to create the LIKE and TRUST factors, your audience needs to KNOW who you are.

The KNOW factor makes you the star of your brand. It gives your clients an opportunity to see your level of investment and engagement in your business, whether through your website, your social media platforms, or other marketing channels.

Use branding photography to…

Show Your Audience Who You Are

Brand photography works really well in giving your audience a chance to get to know you. Are you a baker with a sense of humour? A motivational coach? Or a playful fashion influencer, perhaps?

First-rate photography will help you show it.

Make your personality come across in your photos through what you wear, your facial expressions, the poses you adopt, the locations you choose, and the props you use. Every aspect of your branding photography is important, as it helps your audience get to know the person behind the brand better.

Personal branding photography also allows you to create a strong LIKE factor with your audience.

Sure, you can brag on social media about how great your business is and how amazing the products and services you offer are. Trouble is, if that’s all you’re doing, your potential clients will tune you out faster than you can say “unfollow”.

Brand photography can showcase who you are when you’re not running your business. On top of giving your audience an idea of what your values are, it also gives them a “behind the scenes” glance at your professional and/or personal life. It shows them you’re not a robot – you are a human being with a personality.

Letting your clients in helps them connect with you in a deeper way. Give them an exclusive story and they’ll feel confident. You’ll become an expert in their eyes. They’ll want to connect with you and learn more.

They’ll be open to trusting you. Which is critical, as…

TRUST is the most important factor in creating a strong personal brand and building a successful business.

How do you feel when you find a brand using visuals you react to? Does it make you more likely to trust them, to buy from them, to partner with them? Chances are their brand is cohesive, professional, and looks like someone has purposefully thought it out.

Perception is reality.

Investing in a visual strategy which includes first-rate photography is a value driver for generating sales and increasing revenue for your brand. It shows your audience and clients you believe in your business enough to invest in it. They will instantly see you’re serious about what you’re doing.

Consistency is essential to creating a strong trust factor. From your website to your social media platforms and anywhere you do business, consistent imagery tells your audience you are worthy of their time. They’ll determine they can trust you enough to spend their hard-earned money on the products or services you’re offering.

Why not tell your story your way? Intentionally building a robust personal brand allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Not to mention connecting with your customers and clients beyond your products and services. Personal branding photography helps you do all of that.

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