Professional product photo of a men's wristwatch by Seb Duper

Product Photography: 5 Common Mistakes That Might Be Hurting Your Sales

From the nuances of lighting to the intricacies of composition and the meticulous attention to detail, let’s explore key elements that will transform your product photos into powerful tools you can use over and over again to propel your brand to new heights.

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Photo of a framed picture of Seb Duper with his mother, taken by Seb Duper

The Magic of Framed Memories with Mom

Every time I look at this frame—displayed prominently in my office—, it tugs at my heartstrings and brings a tear to my eyes. But it also reminds me of her beautiful soul and the love she had for me and our family. I will be forever grateful to whoever took this picture, and to my sister, who framed it and gave it to me at Christmas a few years ago.

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Ottawa fashion model Rhiannon Parry looks down at her boots in a photo by Seb Duper.

Creating a Personal Brand

When it comes to supercharging your business and taking it to record-high levels, creating and (later) amplifying your personal brand just might be the secret.

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A branding photo of landscaper Jeremy Duperron, by Seb Duper

How Photography Will Help You Magnify Your Brand

Seb Duper takes a look at how entrepreneurs can leverage the power of photography to amplify their brand and drive sales.

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Creative Product Photography, by Seb Duper

How To Determine Which Branding Photos You Need

Professional photographer Seb Duper offers his top tips to help you figure out which photos you need for your personal brand or business.

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A wet JDM Military Sapphire men's watch sitting on pebbles, a photo by Seb Duper.

Your Guide to Product Photography Styles

When it comes to promoting and disseminating your brand, product photography is essential. Done properly, it can become one of your strongest allies.

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